Aluminium Wire

Aluminium Wire

With the following material specifications(EN-AW 1050A – AL99.5, EN-AW 6060 – AlMgSi0.5, EN-AW 6005 – AlMgSi1, EN-AW 3103 – AlMn, EN-AW 5005 – AlMg1) in rolls.

All tapes are produced according to National Electricity Company strandards
ALΦ4 A.T.3008(SP-AL4) KY DEI 410001809
ALΦ7 A.T.3010(SP-AL7) KY DEI 410003016

According to the lightning arrestor’s standards
EN 50164-2:2002

as well as in custom dimensions by customer request.


Aluminium wire is used more specifically for the mooring of electric energy conductors, aerials, meshes, and more general in the industry & especially for lightning arrestor installations